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Commercial Cleaning in Delhi NCR:

For a building owner or property manager in Delhi NCR, there are many reasons to have your office building cleaned professionally. Providing a healthy environment will not only keep your current tenants happy and healthy, but will also attract new tenants to fill spaces that could come up in the future. Most companies that are seeking new office space will look at existing companies in the buildings they’re considering. Having one company clean all your spaces allows for a cohesive, clean Atmosphere.

Professional Commercial Building Cleaning in Delhi NCR:

Every commercial environment in Delhi NCR has many people flowing in and out of it on a regular basis. As people make use of machines, gadgets, equipment and with the passage of time a lot of dust and rust sets in. In hospitals where the place is meant of sick patients, a lot of germs, viruses can spread very easily if a high standard of hygiene is not followed. Restaurants beaming with food, drinks can attract rodents, files, and germs very easily. Without dusting, cleaning, mopping, washing, and disposing of waste in a timely manner any place can easily assume a mess and become a primary cause for the spread of various diseases.

Comprehensive Commercial Building Cleaning in Delhi NCR:

At MS Facilities, We deliver commercial and office building cleaning services that are comprehensive, and fully integrated. We collaborate with building owners, property managers, tenants, and everything in between to maintain multi-unit facilities at their best. Our janitorial solutions and porters are capable of serving any size building or operation, form large commercial office towers, high rises, plazas, malls, and multi-tenant properties across Delhi NCR.

Our cleaning company provides scalable and flexible cleaning plans to suit the unique needs of your building – at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, during operating hours, after hours, or a combination. We will always ensure your building is clean, attractive, healthy, and keeping your tenants happy.

Affordable Expertise:

MS Facilities is a one-stop cleaning service with expert janitors that have undergone the rigorous training to ensure they possess the best qualities to deliver topnotch building cleaning services. Our team have years of onsite training and experience, and has mastered the use of latest janitorial cleaning technologies to safe and hygienic cleaning for your staff, clients and buildings.

Tailored Just For You:

Whether your company is a large Fortune 500 or a small start up in Delhi NCR., we can create a commercial cleaning in program to suit your specific needs and budget. whatever frequency of cleaning you require – daily, weekly, monthly or even one-time-only – MS Facilities custom each and every cleaning program to ensure the most economical scale.

We put our reputation on the line every day, which means that we are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are. Our employees are trained in the most modern and effective professional office cleaning techniques as well as product usage and safety procedures. On-site inspections by out team of supervisors ensure that all cleaning service plans are preformed to the highest level of service.

Let Us Work With You:

Your building and cleaning needs are unique. We will collaborate with you to develop a custom commercial building cleaning serivce plan that satisfies you, which may include the following:

  • Cleaning of Common and High Traffic Areas.
  • Keeping Spotless Lobby Areas and Entrances.
  • Freshening The Air of Common Areas.
  • Santiation of Restroom, Both Private and Public.
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, Mopping, Carpet Cleaning.
  • Dusting of Surfaces, Furniture, Windows, and Open Spaces.
  • Keeping Entrances/Exits/Elevators Clean and Obstruction Free.
  • Disinfection of Doorknobs, Escalators, Push Plates, Railings.
  • Interior Wall and Window Cleaning.
  • Removal of Wastes, Trash, and Recycling.
  • Cleaning of Decor, furniture, and Mirrors.
  • Seasonal Services For Snow Removal, Leaves etc.
  • Customized Commercial Cleaning.

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Project Cleaning

MS Facilities also provides ad-hoc project cleaning services. We understand that flexibility and communication is the key of ensuring the success of any project. For project h5deep clean, spring clean, thorough clean, industrial cleaning and spark clean in almost every sector such as large commercial premises, hotels, shopping mall, restaurants, cinemas, vacant properties, HDB, condos and others. For pre-move / post-move / post renovation cleaning service, we provide the finishing touch up and thorough clean before you move into the property. We are happy to customize our cleaning agreement just to fit your specific requirements.